Domesticated Men

"Don't cook. Don't clean. No man will ever make love to a woman because she waxed the linoleum - 'My God, the floor's immaculate. Lie down, you hot bitch.'" - Joan Rivers

Welcome to Domesticated Men. Offering free pictures of naked men in the perfect position - doing household chores!


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A Naked Man and His Vacuum

Quotes and Facts About Nude Housework

Nude Housework Props

Erotic Tuxedo Collection
When you need to dress him up as a waiter or butler, this will come in very handy. This outfit has a high quality, soft, patent leather pouch. Comes with cuffs and bow tie. One size fits most.

Fifi the French Maid
This five piece maid's outfit is perfect for role playing with its g-string, sexy skirt, heart-shaped top, thigh highs and neck tie. This sexy lingerie can put a new, exciting twist to cleaning. One size fits most.

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Shameless Self Promotion - For The Girls

Well girls, I’m proud to say I’ve finally got my own women’s erotica megasite! For The Girls is brand new and it has been created by me in partnership with another wonderful female friend of mine.

Our philosophy is fairly simple. We know that women are sexual beings. We know that women enjoy looking at sexually explicit material. And we know that women also want to be entertained, informed and given their money’s worth. So For The Girls aims to keep you satisfied, in every possible way.

To this end we’ve collected a huge amount of explicit photos, both of sexy men (all of whom are straight) and of couples. Whether it’s hunky beefcake, or quality hardcore sex scenarios, we’ve done our best to make sure the female point of view is paramount. This means we offer more good looking guys, more cunnilingus photos, more foreplay pics, more intimacy and kissing, more eye contact, more respect. And less “facials”, less “money shots”, less “open-butt-photos”, and less blowjobs.

Most of the erotic fiction has been written by me, specifically for women. So many other adult sites feature those badly written two-paragraph “stories” which are a dime a dozen and usually male-focused. You won’t find any of those stories here. Quality erotic fiction is the name of the game, and we’ll be adding new exclusive stories regularly.

We’re also aware that you want more than just an orgasm. So we’ve got a vast amount of great reading to keep you happy. We have articles on such diverse topics as divine spirituality, big dicks, real vampires, vibrators, sex surrogates and more. We've got interviews with interesting personalities. If you want advice on sexual issues or on fixing your car, we can offer it. If you want to be informed about the issues facing women, it’s there. Or if you just want to sit back and have a belly laugh, we have jokes, columns, cartoons and games to keep you happy.

The theory that “women don’t like porn” is just stupid, old-fashioned nonsense. Why? Because we’re proof. If something doesn’t appeal to us, we don’t put it on this site. As far as we’re concerned, we’re offering what we think a good women’s adult site should be. Because we’ve looked at the others and they just don’t measure up to our standards. It’s time women were offered quality, erotic and intelligent porn, and we want to be the site that offers it.

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