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OK girls, I think we've all had just about enough of smouldering hunks of manhood gazing into the camera with expressions of supreme superiority. There's far too many nude men sites out there with guys looking terribly serious, and doing terribly serious things (in the nude of course). I want to offer something different. I want to go where no women's erotica site has gone before! Yes, to hell with nude men looking like gods, demanding to be admired. I'm stepping over the line, I'm pushing the envelope, I'm doing what Playgirl only dreams of doing. I'm giving you photos of nude men doing extremely silly things!

That's right folks, forget those perfect centerfolds. This site has pictures of men engaging in all sorts of silly and foolish behaviour... in the nude. And why not? Lord knows they all do stupid things when they're not wearing pants! You know what I mean, slapping it against the furniture, and the helicopter trick without hands, and all those sorts of things.

So sit back and enjoy these thoroughly entertaining nude men photos.

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Of course, if you're under 18, you shouldn't be here, because this site contains male nudity which will naturally send you blind, just as it's sent all other teenagers blind in the past. Never mind that this is exactly the sort of behaviour that most boys under 18 get up to... the fact remains that the government demands your innocence for its own evil purposes, and who am I to go against them when they obviously know best? So you'd best LEAVE NOW.

And if you're easily offended, you'd also better bog off. Because if the nudity doesn't get you, the stupid behaviour will.

Everyone else may scroll down and enter after reading these terms and conditions.
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