Nude Men Doing Silly Things

Ah, there's something very loveable AND laughable about men engaging in silly behaviour when they're nude. It's childish, but it's funny and endearing too.
Two men have made an entire career out of doing silly things in the nude. Puppetry of the Penis creators Simon Morley and David Friend are now millionaires thanks to the success of their off-the-wall nude theatre show. Their act basically involves getting on stage and moulding their penis, testicles and scrotum into various shapes such as the Eiffel Tower and a skateboard. They call it "the ancient Australian art of genital origami." Audiences think it's hilarious, and the show is now a worldwide hit.
So much so that there are now a number of Puppetry of the Penis franchises. Numerous eager men have been recruited and trained up to do silly things in the nude for money.

For The Girls Ezine recently interviewed two of the penis puppeteers to ask them all the hard questions. Brett and Aaron revealed how they warm up for the show, what questions they're asked afterwards, and what NOT to do before going on stage. These two cute guys also posed for some photos, and - most amazing of all, revealed the dick trick that's too "Amsterdam-ish" to include in the show. Let me say, it's quite a shocker, and pretty impressive as well. You'll find all the incredible photos at For The Girls Ezine.

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Naked Men Doing Silly Things

"Stop that, it's silly." - Monty Python

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